About Us

Logo-TreeThe Reach4 Academy Trust has the highest expectations of pupil attainment in national assessments, but our aspirations take us beyond the concept of “schooling”. Reach4 educates, rather than schools.

With an impassioned by-line, “Inspiring Beyond Measure”, Reach4 states its commitment to ‘educate, not just school’, instilling the qualities and dispositions of Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Contribution and Happiness.

The Reach4 Academy Trust logo communicates the importance we place on collaboration, development and aspiration: The three figures are coming together in the shape of a tree, which represents growth, whilst the tallest figure reaches upwards, towards a star, which is above and beyond the highest branch of the tree.

This is a hugely exciting time for our family of schools. Reach4 has been recognised by the Department for Education as being well placed to raise standards and achieve excellence for pupils in a growing number of schools nationwide. We are presented with a rare opportunity to make a real difference to the lives and life chances of school children – many of whom haven’t previously received the educational opportunities they deserve.

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, identified Reach4 Academy Trust as an “outstanding sponsor” in her November 2015 speech at the Policy Exchange, London. Whilst she applauded the improvements in education in recent years, she highlighted just how far some schools and some parts of the country lag behind. To tackle this inequality, a Northern Sponsor fund, amounting to £10 million, was created in order to attract and encourage the best sponsors to take on schools in the north of England. Reach4 Academy Trust is one of the first to receive a share of this fund and has been trusted with setting up high-performing academy hubs in areas with some of the greatest need.

Reach4 academies will ultimately be based all across England and include schools at various stages of development, from those requiring significant improvement through to existing outstanding schools.

The Reach4 vision enables individual academies to flourish with real autonomy, whilst also ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration across our schools. This balance is necessary in order to achieve long term sustainability for our schools.

“Reach for the top of the tree and you may get to the first branch but reach for the stars and you’ll get to the top of the tree.”

Lemn Sissay, MBE